Step By Step Tips on How to Invest in a Gold IRA

Present dilemmas such as the current economic market conditions, government shutdown, and fear of inflation are causing a lot of people to seek solutions for their retirement savings protection.

The thing is, financial institutions and the affluent class are keeping the solutions and answers to themselves because of fear of the rise in demand and fall in supply. They know how these assets rack up value in times of economic collapse and turmoil.

The good news is we now know their secret: it is gold and silver! Previously, it was almost as difficult as making a horse pass through the eye of a needle for regular people to take advantage of precious metals in terms of investment. What a relief – it is now as easy as ABC to take advantage of precious metals via the self-directed IRA.

Use Gold & Silver IRA to Protect Your Retirement

It is important to say this: if your 401k or IRA is completely locked currently into one asset class, perhaps mutual funds, you are exposed to a high risk of losing what you’ve been judiciously saving to vicissitudes such as inflation or currency devaluation. In fact, the government may even lay hold of your money to repay debts. The good news – one more time – is that you can intercept all of those from happening by simply opting for a simple IRA rollover to enable you to integrate diversification into your retirement account when you add precious metals to your portfolio.

Gold IRA – What is It All About?

Firstly, the gold IRA functions with equal capacity as the IRA/401(k) currently in your possession. These are the only accounts that enable you to hold precious metals such as gold, silver, as well as palladium, in the account for the purpose of diversification. The import of this is that your whole retirement will not be dependent on just a single class of asset. In order to secure them, these precious metals are usually kept in a depository such as the Delaware Depository or Brinks. In addition, there’s a flexible feature of deciding on the percentage of your retirement funds that you want deployed into precious metals investment, plus you can keep adding more with the passage of time. So, using this medium, regular individuals can become proud investors in an investment niche that was once considered to be for the wealthy class only.

Self-Directed IRA – What Actually Is It?

A gold IRA account is established via an account known as a self-directed IRA. With this account, the IRA account owner gains increased control over decisions on investment as it pertains to retirement plan. This type of account encompasses investment types such as real estate, stocks, precious metals, bonds, as well as mutual funds. According to IRS regulations, a qualified trustee or custodian is endorsed to hold the IRA assets on behalf of the person who owns the IRA.

No-Tax/Zero-Hassle IRA Gold Rollover

When it comes to IRA custody, we highly recommend Regal Assets for your IRA rollover. Regal Assets has continued to surpass consumers’ expectations by keeping up its five stars rating with top consumer protection websites like the Better Business Bureau and Trustlink. The company is also in the 500 list of the fastest growing companies when it comes to the financial services category. All these exploits are further proven by the tons of positive customer reviews and testimonials on the company’s website.

You will still be eligible for a tax-free gold IRA rollover even if what you have is an annuity, 457b, 403b, pension plan, or a 401(k) plan. Not even a cent of your savings will be lost to tax. The process is as simple as talking with an IRA expert right away by dialing 800 right on the company’s website or by completing the form located on the upper right. It will only take 24 hours or 48 hours for the company to get back to you.

What Types of Accounts Qualify for Rollover Into a Gold IRA?

Here’s the list of accounts that can be rolled over to a gold IRA:

• Traditional IRA
• Roth IRA
• 401(k)
• 403(b)
• Pension plans
• Some annuities

There may be other types of accounts not listed, a Regal Assets account representative will give you more information.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Gold

#1: Hedge against inflation
#2: Portfolio diversification
#3: Risk management
#4: Hedge against currency devaluation
#5: Financial risk management
#6: Deflation
#7: Long history of retaining its high value
#8 Supply constraints
#9: Provides tangible assets
#10: Rising demand

What Exactly is Gold’s Projected Return on Investment?

Here’s a practical explanation: let’s assume that your total investment in 2002 in a gold IRA is $33,000. Now, travel in time into the future to the next eleven years. Your investment value would have racked up to an amount close to $200,000 going by today’s standard. This is definitely not a bad investment!

What are the Types of Coins You Can Hold in a Gold IRA?

When it comes to gold IRA, only specific types of gold coins and bars can be held in any IRA account going by the IRS set regulations.

Here are a couple of the top popular bars and coins that are best bet for IRA accounts:

• American Eagle Gold Coins
• American Buffalo Gold Coins
• Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
• PAMP Suisse Gold Bars
• Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins

Here are the finesse requirements for metals:

• Gold 995
• Silver 999
• Platinum 9995
• Palladium 9995

It is important to note that the buying or selling of metals to non-qualified individual cannot take place when IRA is involved.

What is the Recommended Duration to Keep Gold in My IRA?

Each scenario or situation presents a unique case and would require the expertise of a financial professional for you to know the best duration to hold gold. Bear in mind that every financial decision has some risks attached to it, since there are forces and circumstances acting behind the scene.

Gold IRA Storage

Regal Assets stores gold in IRA with Brinks and no other gold investment company does. Others may store in the Delaware Depository.

Finally, two major reasons why consumers insist on choosing Regal Assets are:

• Experience
• Asset Preservation

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