Lear Capital Gold Company Review

A lot of people are losing all their life savings as a result of investing in the wrong financial assets, which has led to people turning to physical gold assets investment as a way of securing what they have left.

Lear Capital is among the several gold investment companies, typically known as self-styled “precious metals leaders”. The company is located in outskirts of Los Angeles. The company operates a business model that revolves around gold investment as well as retirement options.

Come on as we look closely at what the company has to offer in this Lear Capital review.


Lear Capital’s services cover the following basics:

• Buying the gold and getting its approval from IRS
• Setting up a self-directed IRA
• Providing safe storage of the gold

The company also offers additional features that are worth noting.

Among these prominent features is the “Knowledge Center” found on their website. This simply refers to the sequences of reports on different facets of the precious metals industry, including certain events that influence current market conditions. Although these features are completely desirable, it appears that they can only be used mostly by savvy investors. All of these reports are downloadable.

That is not all. Lear Capital Gold also offers an “Investors Resources” segment on their website which features the following:

• Coin Search
• Precious Metal News
• Historical Chart Center

While these features are absolutely good, I also consider them as something that newbie investors may not be able to benefit from; only hardcore investors will clearly find value in it. People who are merely concerned about protecting their savings by setting up IRA may not have any use for these resources. At this point, it is very important to mention that Lear Capital’s fee system for gold IRA accounts comes in ascending form. It simply means that as your account gets bigger, the more money you will have to pay the company.

Customer Reviews

Perhaps, hearing what real customers have to say is probably the most interesting part of a Lear Capital review. It is time to hear the comments from the clients of Lear Capital.

Customer’s Review on Lear Capital’s Silver Coins:

“Over the past year, I have bought tons of silver polar bears from Lear Capital. And, to be frank, the company’s service has been nothing but completely satisfactory. The company’s representative assigned to me is David Goodman, who would usually contact me each time silver dips. David is an expert in several products, I will recommend him at any time to consumers.” – Larrin T

But another customer thinks that the company only offers better service to those who spend ‘big’.

“To start with, we perused through the fine print and we looked forward to some delays which I think is ridiculous. They cashed the check we sent them and did not even tell us when they will ship the order for almost one month after the check was cleared and cashed.

When I realized that they don’t even have an idea of when the order will ship, I was forced to put the order on hold. Still, there was no information about when the order will ship. This is obviously not a right practice. So, I concluded from my observation that one has to be a big dollar investor to get the service.” – Mike U.

Customer Review on Lear Capital’s Buy Back Policy:

“Don’t even try doing business with Lear Capital. The company charged me $800 over fair market value for an ounce of gold coin (1924 gold coin). It was when I went to sell the coin that I discovered the company charged me overly. Lear Capital said it can only pay me $1,688 for a coin I bought from them for $2,485 just two years earlier while gold was offered $300 less for an ounce.”  – C Martin.

From the foregoing, it appears that Lear Capital has mixed reviews. This trend is also reflected in their overall score:

• Trustlink – 4/5 Stars
• Business Consumer Alliance – AAA
• Yelp – 3.5/5 Stars

Bottom Line

Generally, Lear Capital appears to be a fairly decent gold investment company. Although some customers have negative reviews as well as complaints, the company by all standards is substantially trustworthy when it comes to gold investment services.

For hardcore gold investors, the tons of highly informative resources and features on the company’s website are worth commenting on. Any savvy gold investor will surely find these features and resources highly useful.

Lear Capital’s major drawback is the nature of their fee system (the scaling fee system). For those who intend to invest in a substantial gold IRA, this fee system can pose a problem. In this case, a better option would be a gold investment company that offers a flat fee system, which is what Regal Assets is known with. So, do your comparison shopping extensively to know which of these gold investment companies will suit your gold investment option most appropriately.

Based on the foregoing, my final score or rating for Lear Capital is as follows: 7/10.

No doubt, Lear Capital is a reliable gold investment company. And you won’t find them in the bottom of the barrel garbage like some gold investment companies such as Goldline. However, Lear capital isn’t on the top cadre either, which is the position that some highly notable gold investment companies such as Regal Assets are continuously enjoying. In addition, Lear capital also has a reputation of towering above some of its counterparts in the gold investment industry, a typical example being the American Bullion.

Last Word

When you set out to invest in a gold investment company, do not be rash in your decision. Take your time to explore the top featured companies in the industry, perusing through consumer reviews online, as well as the reviews and ratings on so-called consumer protection websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Trustlink, Yelp, and Business Consumer Alliance.

In addition, seek for guidance from the right source. In conclusion, make sure that you’ve exhausted all available sources in terms of information on gold investment companies before making your final decision.

This way, you will not regret your investment decision.

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